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Apollo-01-SDC Fundamentals-Featuring Apollo(Apollo基础)

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2. what will you learn?

The main sections of the Apollo open-source self-driving car platform:

  • high-definition map, High-definition maps underpin almost every other part of the software stack
  • localization, how the car determines its location in the world
  • perception, how a self-driving car sees the world, classification,detection, and segmentation
  • prediction, how other vehicles or pedestrians might move
  • planning, how to combine prediction and routing to generate a trajectory for our vehicle
  • control, how to use steering, throttle, and brake to execute our planned trajectory

3. What is self-driving?

  • Why do we need self-driving cars?


  • Levels of Driving Automation


5. How Self-Driving Cars Work?


Apollo’s system centers around HD Maps and Localization. The other components of the system revolve around Perception, Prediction, Planning and Control, as we’ll see throughout this course.


7. Reference Vehicle and Hardware Platforms


9. Cloud Service

  • HD Map
  • Simulation
  • Data Platform
  • Security
  • OTA(over-the-air software updates)
  • DuerOS